Are you a Hunter or a Farmer?

As one of the opening day workshop options, You will not only hear definitions of what both a hunter and a farmer are with some examples, but you will also hear how each style will grow a portfolio.  Each style caters to personalities and experiences differently. Some individuals can properly pull off being both a hunter and a farmer. But no matter which approach you taken with the proper implementation, you can produce the results to bring you sustained success.

Growing your Merchant’s Business will Grow Yours

In this session Sales Partners will learn how to take strategic steps to help implement creative programs that will help their merchants grow their businesses.  By helping merchants make money and increase their sales, Sales Partners will gain merchants that last longer and see the true value that they can bring them as a payments expert.  Specifically you, as a Sales Partners will hear about the program that Vend is implementing to help businesses capture customer data and turn that data into targeted sales growth.

Your Point of Sale Opportunity - POS Pros

Solution fitting has now been taken to the next level. Building on what was introduced in 2018 as Solution Fitting, NAB has made a huge investment in our partners to help them win business that currently is going to other options in the marketplace like Square and Toast.


Our partners do not need to become POS experts, we have a team that will help them close accounts. Meet the POS Pros team, understand the program and how they will not only help them sell Salido, Payanywhere and other NAB direct solutions, but also find the best solution for the merchant opportunity in our ever growing ISV partners.  Robert will go through the current top level of solutions as well as the overall program that brings more than just those into their toolbox to offer merchants. With smart integration partnerships with a variety of POS systems, we truly do have a right fit for all merchants.


Stop losing merchants to other solutions in the market.

The Payanywhere Experience - PayAnywhere & Hub

Payanywhere is so much more than a software option. Sales Partners will learn about some of the most recent updates, what is coming down the road and details on the current equipment offering. More importantly, you will learn how to sell the smart devices into the correct merchants.  


In the past, Payanywhere has been primarily sold as a software solution utilizing the retail setting. With the advances on the software in terminal mode, Sales Partners will learn how and when to sell smart terminals instead of the traditional equipment.  Traditional terminals will never go away, but placing a smart terminal when you can will give more options to merchants and allow them to improve the payment experience that their customers have. You will also be Introduced to Mission Control and learn how you can better serve your merchants that utilize Payanywhere.

Making the Most of your Time - Partner Portal & Tools

The Partner Portal can make your portfolio management a lot easier.  Sales Partners not only see the improvements made to the Partner Portal and what is coming downstream, but you will see how it will help you save time.  We will walk you through the top methods and tools to help partners manage their portfolio with less time involved so they can be out selling more accounts. There will also be a focus on the training tools and resources that will help Partners decrease the learning curve on all levels of experience and especially when new products and programs roll out.

Selling POS into the Retail world - ISV Panel

Providing POS solutions in the retail space is the lowest hanging fruit when it comes to offering value based solutions that will save merchants time and provide greater value.  Keith Sampson and Pat Ward will lead a converational panel made up of Retail software providers about the importance of the ability to bring solutions that make sense to retailers.  Sales Partners will hear how to position themselves to be consultants and open doors with the right kind of conversations and provide the best solutions through the use of the POS Pros team.

Hospitality POS - Salido and CDI

With hospitality being a vertical that can come with a lot of intimidation, we are making it easier than ever to have conversations and win business in a crowded space. 

Partners not only have access to a variety of ISV partners with Hospitality solutions, but also have in-house solutions for higher-end systems.


Learn about CDI tech and solutions that they bring with Micros.  Duane will discuss the current offering as well as what is on deck with the OPI integration and Symphony II.  Micros is going to the Cloud and our partners will be able to offer their product through CDI. You will see what is the right fit for that solution as well as how to win the processing on accounts that are utilizing Micros currently or have decided to implement Micros Symphony II.

Partners will also get an introduction to Salido POS, the background of this amazing startup and how it was developed.  Learn about the DNA of Salido and how top restaurant operators were brought in to help build Salido. 


Sales Partners will hear from Adam Saper, Eataly CFO and managing partner.  You will also learn who the current primary customer is and what the best fit for Salido is currently.

The Agent + Cloud Based POS Evolution and the SMB Experience

Jared Drieling from The Strawhecker Group will be delivering a data driven session that will help our Sales Partners understand the importance to evolve into a software provider as well as a payments provider.  


More small businesses are opening their doors with a POS in place and existing ones are implementing software that saves them time and increases profitability.  Our Sales partners have the opportunity to be leaders in this shift from traditional payment processing. With the reinforcement of all the software partners and the investment in the POS Pros team along with enhancing our training, Sales Partners will be able to see that we are in line with this strategy and supporting their efforts.

Maximizing Account Opportunity - Edge & Bambu

We will review the true definition of Cash Discount, the industry approach to cash discount and what makes Edge unique. You will learn how to sell it as a program that makes sense to merchants.  We will also go through the equipment options that can properly run Edge and why it is important to be able to bundle multiple value adds to give merchants both a return on investment and a service that saves them time and money.  We will transition from a solution that will grow your portfolio faster than any other service you could provide to helping merchants grow their business through access to capital. Sales Partners will learn how to use merchant financing programs to change the conversation and gain new merchants as well as gain revenue from their existing merchants.

Wednesday, October 2 - Friday, October 4, 2019

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